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I’m excited about Mikel’s work on behalf of apologetics. I’m supporting his teaching, his speaking ministry and his training program.

– Dr. J.P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy. Talbot School of Theology. - http://www.jpmoreland.com

Mikel is one of the brightest young apologists on the scene today. Not just because he really knows the best arguments so well, but because he can communicate them in such a stimulating way.

– Dr. Craig Hazen, Director, M.A. Program in Christian Apologetics. Biola University - http://faculty.biola.edu/craig_hazen

Mikel is a clear, articulate communicator. He is gifted with the ability to connect with his audience in a manner that is both accessible and memorable.

– Brian Auten, Founder and Director, Reasonable Faith Belfast - http://apologetics315.com

Follow @ApologeticsGuy for great teaching on apologetics. Invite Mikel to your church to train! 

– Dave Sterrett, Professor of Theology and Philosophy. Liberty University. - http://davesterrett.com/

I’m happy to endorse Mikel! He is one of the few speakers today who can take complex issues and make them understandable, interesting, and relevant. Mikel does a great job with both students and adults.

– Sean McDowell, Apologetics Speaker and Author - http://seanmcdowell.org/

Mikel is a great example of an individual who’s really “grassroots,” being used to touch a lot of lives—my own included.

– Alex McFarland, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary - http://alexmcfarland.com/